Friday, December 19, 2014

Database of Movies / Films Worldwide - 300,000 Unique Titles & 1.6 Million Pictures

It's our first edition of the Movies Database you can purchase at the price of $489.95.

It is currently the largest and most up-to-date database package of all movies across the world on the Internet, with a total of almost 300,000 unique movie titles and related entities such as actors, actresses, directors, writers, producers structurally stored in a organic MySQL database of 20 tables, of which CSV version is also available for download after purchase.

Movies are categorized by a variety of properties: countries, languages, genres, keywords, etc.

There also comes with an images package of 65.9 GB with over 1.6 million high quality JPEG images of the movie posters, characters, actors / actresses, etc.

This database is published on The Data Planet.

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