Sunday, December 8, 2013

4.3 Million Books Cover Images in JPEG for Download w/ Over 3,200 Author Icon Images

The books ISBN database we have is now also coming with 4.3 million book cover images and over 3,200 author icon pictures. Please check out some samples below.


This is a major upgrade from the previous package of slightly over 1 million cover images. It used to be just 5GB in size but now it's a 100GB download with not only the number of books increased but also the image quality (resolution) tremendously better. The size of the cover images used to be around 100px but now it averages at 300px.

Each image file is associated with the book by ISBN13 as the file name. It's very easy to develop from there, be it a software, a library, a website, an application, or anything about books.

If you are interested in this offer, please purchase at here and you'll be able to immediately download the database files in MySQL and CSV of over 18 million books. The images package will then be prepared and send your way within 8 hours to 2 days after your payment.

We will make the best books database in the world. It doesn't stop here. The next update will be over 20 million books and 6 million cover images.

Posted below are some sample cover images in JPEG.

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