Saturday, May 4, 2013

Largest Books database with ISBN13 and cover images in the world

We already have over 12 million titles with unique ISBN13 numbers in the ISBN books database we got. Now we are adding even more. It's a slow process to compile as many books as there are with an ISBN13 on the web, so please be patient before we get the release ready for download.

The estimated number of titles for the new release would be around 15 million, with 10 more fields for each of the books, though only about 2 million titles are populated with a usable value for these new columns. The book cover images would probably triple in volume and size.

At the same while, the price will be increased from $289.95 to $489.95 when the new version comes out. So if any of you are interested in this offer and an ever growing database of ISBN books (remember we have a lifetime update policy?), purchase it now and lock in the low price!

You can do so at either of the 2 websites at your preference:
Both of them will be upgraded to the new version once it comes out. It should be in 1 month to 2 months at most.

Did I ever mention that this books database only comes inferior to that of Google's?

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